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Buying gifts for new babies can sometimes be tricky as sometimes the range of gifts available is slightly limited. New baby gift ideas can sometimes require a bit more thought so you don't buy the same gift as someone else, what's more is that many new baby gifts are kept for long after the baby has grown up if the gift is that personal enough.

New baby gifts

When buying gifts for new babies you have to bear in mind at the rate that babies grow, so if you are going to go for the likes of baby clothes it is worth speaking to the parents of the baby for what age of clothes they would like buying as they may already have a whole stack of baby clothes that will see the baby through the first 3 months of it's life. They may appreciate baby clothes for when it is 3-6 months perhaps.

Another idea is vouchers, yes they may not sound all that inspiring but they do offer the chance for the parents to buy things for the baby that the actually NEED and want and so can be very useful. The vouchers can be for shops like The Early Learning Center (ELC), Mothercare, Argos etc. If you would like the baby to receive something to play with out of the vouchers then the ELC is a good option to choose as they have a range of appropriate toys to choose from.

Personalised Baby Gifts: If you are after buying a gift that will be cherished and kept as opposed to something that will get grown out of and passed on then a

personalised gift
is a nice thing to look at. Something with the babies name and or date of birth is something that is likely to be kept as a keepsake. An example would be a personalised picture frame, money box or photo album is always a nice idea.

New baby gift - money boxHere is an example of a personalised football money box, this is just an idea of what you coul dthink of gettign for a new baby. The money box is enscribed with "Born to play for <Insert your football team name here>, also the babies name and date of birth.
Any football loving dad will love this as it's letting the baby get it's colours sorted right from being born.

Many people like to keep a copy of the newspapers from the day the new born baby was born, this is really simple and inexpensive to do. If you think it's unlikely that the parents are going to be able to purchase these newspapers themselves then you could get them sorted for them, it will potentially only cost a couple of pounds to get a selection of newspapers form the day and so won't break the bank if it ends up that they are not needed (make sure you recycle them if not)!

Baby casting kits are another thoughtful gift idea. Basically they can contain a mould where you can get an imprint of the babies feet and hands. These can then be kept as a lifetime reminder of just how small they were when they started out in life. Casting kits can range from as little as £10 up to £100, all depending on what you want such as a flat casting or a 3D casting and also how you would like it to be displayed such as in a frame.

Gift of Pint & Half pint tshirt for father and new babyAnother quirky gift that is great for the new born and also the proud dad is a matching set of Pint & Half-Pint tshirts with the official markings. This really fun design is great to let people know who's the babys dad when out and about.
Whats more the new dad may well find himself getting a few free drinks himself if he goes out to wet the babies head so this tshirt may help in the quest for an extra free drink! (C) 2008