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Golf Gifts are great to buy as they come in such a wide range of different sorts and hugely different price categories so you can be fairly sure that there will be something there that fits your budget that a golfer is going to love!

Golf giftsNow obviously golf clubs are not cheap, anyone really into their golf is already likely to have a set of golf clubs that they play with, now if you are feeling VERY generous you may want to buy them a new set of golf clubs. For this option though you are most likely going to need some input from the person you are buying the golf gift for, you want to make sure you get the right set of golf clubs that will suit them. Golf clubs can range from a hundred pounds right up into the thousands, all depending on which ones you are buying.
Now the next step down from buying a full set of golf clubs is buying a new single club, this is likely to be either a putter or a new driver. Again, input from the person you are buying for is going to help, if you don't have this luxury and you want it to be a surprise you could buy a club but let the shop know that if it's not right would an exchange be OK, the chances are this will be OK with them. You could get a voucher up to a specific value as another option so they can choose their own (although many people don't like just giving vouchers as a present).

Another gift that is more on the higher price bracket is a golf trolley, or more specifically an electric golf trolley. What these do is mean that the golfer no longer has to push or drag their heavy trolley and golf clubs around with them, the trolley will do the hard work for you. Designed so that they won't run away from you the electric golf trolley gives the golfer an easier round where all their energy can be used on the next shot as opposed to having to use it on pulling the golf trolley. Electric golf trolleys start from around £80 up to a few hundred depending on which trolley you go for and how much power the rechargeable battery will supply. The rechargeable batteries will usually be OK for a couple of rounds before they need to be recharged again which is really simple to do, the battery disconnects from the golf trolley and just needs to be plugged into the mains to charge again. The great thing about electric golf trolleys is also that if you forget to charge the battery and it runs out during a round then the golf cart can still be used in the same way as a conventional golf trolley and be used manually.

More middle of the (golf) range ideas are golf clothing, such as golf tops, golf jumpers, golf shoes and water proofs. These golfing gifts are not too difficult to buy, there is a huge selection of choice in styles so as long as you have an idea what the golfer you are buying for likes to dress like then you should be able to make an informed decision. Golf shoes can be bought although some people may need to try them on before definitely having them just to see how they feel, different manufacturers sometimes make ever so slight differences in sizes so this may be a slight issue although not too much.

While we are still on about practical golf gift ideas that a golfer needs to play golf, at the other end of the scale is the likes of gold balls, score card holders, golf balls, golf gloves, towels, , pitch markers and repairers. These can all be bought really easily and don't require too much help for buying them, you simply need to check the golfers bag if you are really stuck and you want to buy the exact same golf balls or replacement golf glove although to the average golfer this level of detail may not be required.

Many golfers only tend to only play at the course they are a member of or the closest golf course to them, with variety being the spice of life why not treat them to a round at another golf course, maybe a slight more exclusive golf course that they would not usually go to play at. You can even buy

2-Fore-1 golf vouchers
that let 2 golfers play for the price of 1 at around 1,000 golf courses across the UK & Ireland.
There is also the opportunity to take a golf break, where you can have a couple of rounds of golf and also a night at a nice hotel. There is a number of hotels that have their own golf courses attached to them which makes them ideal for a nice golfing break away. If you are taking your otehr harlf who is not interested in golf then many of the hotels also have health spas.

Now with all the practical golf gift ideas done we can move onto the more imaginative golfing gifts that should give every golfer a smile when they receive them, allot of the following are more day-to-day golf related items that reminds the golfer of their favorite sport (well, unless they are not playing too well in which case these gifts may be the last reminder they want of the game of golf...)!

Golf calendar gift ideaWe love personalised gifts, there is just so much value added to an ordinary gift simply by personalising it and making it a one off, anything from mugs to calendars. We do have a page dedicated to personalised golf gifts to look at but in brief here are a few of the possibilities here.
Golf mug giftPersonalised golf calendars & personalised golf mugs simply take golfing images that are then seamlessly manipulated so that they look like your name was actually there when the picture was taken.
The following are 2 examples, one is of a golf mug and the other of a golf calendar! (C) 2008