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Buying gifts for women is probably one of the easier things to do providing a bit of though has gone into it. Unlike buying for men where the usefulness of a present is probably what ranks higher on the scale of importance.

Obviously to begin with with gifts for women (and this includes, wife, girlfriend, mum, grandma, sister) you have the original no-brainers that are tried and tested, might be simple to do but still are generally greatly appreciated. Well all know what there are, flowers, chocolates!
N ow clearly these gifts won't always cut it in all situations where a bit more extra thought might need to be followed up with something else to accompany the gift (and we don't mean accompanying a bunch of flowers with a box of chocolates)!

Some of the following gift ideas are going to be more suitable for your wife or girlfriend that a family member such as your mum or sister so obviously bear that in mind!

Meals Out are another relatively easy one to call, although depending on the situation and occasion you might find that you need to accompany this with another gift idea as apposed to having it just on it's own.

Pampering & Relaxing experiences can really make a girl feel special. A massage, manicure or pedicure that will induldge and pamper her and give her some "me" time will make her feel special & on top form. (C) 2008