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There are quiet a few gift experiences for men that you can get that he may love (although they are not exclusively for men only, many females would love to take part in them too). The gift experiences we are going to suggest just play to the typical "male" stereotype of things that blokes like to do, so we shall cover a couple of the main bases with cars & football (I bet no one thought them 2 activities would be suggested...)

Driving experiences offer up the chance to get behind the wheel of a variety of different cars. If the person you are buying the gift experience for has a driving license and are into their cars then the chance to get to take control of a racing car or a supercar such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini could be right up their street.

Gift experiences for himFor the majority of people getting to drive a Ferrari or other supercar (Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin) is just a dream, most people will never own one but that now doesn't mean that you can't get to enjoy what it feels like to drive one. Driving experience gifts give you just that amazing once in a lifetime chance to fulfill a dream or ambition!

It is not just supercars that you can get to experience driving, other driving experiences include taking to a single seater and thinking you are the next Lewis Hamilton to sliding your way round a rally track in a real rally car, not forgetting that if you have a destructive side you can get to drive a monster truck or drive a real tank! (C) 2008