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Flowers are one of the most versatile gifts that you can give to a female (not being sexist but we all know that a bunch of flowers wouldn't really get a positive response from most men).
Flower GiftsIn fact so versatile that they are suitable for a wife, girlfriend, mum, grandma, sister, work colleague, add to that the same gift can also have so many different meanings to them too.
The meaning of the flowers can be done by the type of flowers you give as or simply by the little card attached to them. Basically, you could buy the same bunch of flowers for your wife, your mum and your female work college who is leaving their job and despite being all exactly the same bunch of flowers they will all be received with a different message to them, so your wife will likely accept them as a romantic gesture (or an apology if you're in the dog house), your mum will depending on what the occasion is think what a nice thoughtful gift and your work college who is moving jobs will take them as an appreciation of their work and a good luck in their new job!

Now, obviously when choosing flowers there is quiet a wide range and choice, the great thing is, if you go into a florist and explain what you want, what the occasion is and how much you would like to spend they should be able to work around that and get you something sorted. The same applies to online flower shops, they are created with different section to the site for different themes so you can see really easily what type of flowers and what to expect. We have also spent the time to create a page dedicated to

discounts and money off vouchers for online flower shops
so you can make use of them.

Romantic Flowers
Flowers for romantic occasions are almost an unwritten rule. Roses are clearly the flower that most people give as a

romantic gift and gesture. On Valentines day there is over 7 million red roses alone that are sold in the UK and worldwide this figure is around 130 million roses!
Away from the Rose, there are other romantic flowers such as carnations, daisies, gardenias, lilacs, lilies, orchids, sunflowers and tulips. The thing with flowers and especially romantic flowers is that there is actually no set rules. Other flowers may be romantic to a specific person, such as the same flower you bought her on your first date, a flower that was in her wedding bouquet or even one in her favourite colour. Just adding this extra bit of thought when you are buying flowers makes it romantic whatever the flower you buy.

New Baby Flowers

Flower gifts for births of babiesAt the birth of a new baby many people like to give the new mother (and father) a bunch of flowers to congratulate them on the birth of their new baby.
You can buy bouquets of flowers that indicate if the new baby is a boy or a girl. You can get them so they have a blue or pink flowers and packaging and even with many they come with a soft toy or teddy bear that can be given to the baby as well. (C) 2008